Teaching Summit

A week long training for new and experienced dance teachers

All the facts at a glance

  • What: Teaching Dance!
  •  Pedagogy and didactics
  •  Community building 
  • Business skills for dance teachers
  • When/Where:  Tanzhaus Heidelberg
  • Sat, 9 June 2018 – Wed, 13 June 2018 
  • Bergheimer Str. 147, 69115 Heidelberg
  • right before Chase Festival
  • Language: English
  • How: ​ theory sessions and workshops
  • Who:  people from all dance styles
  • Price: 390 Euro for 30h training


Ali Taghavi from SwingStep in Germany
Kris Blindert from SwingStep in Germany
Pieter Aart Schouten from the Netherlands
​Ron Dobrovinsky from Swing It in Israel
Kira Emslie – voice coach from Edinburgh school of music


All great teachers we’ve met like it nerdy… in fact, the nerdier the better. Whether you are working full-time in your local scene, teach at international camps, teach for your local non-profit association, or hold drop-in classes at a university, as a teacher you are passionate about the dance and share the desire to improve. We have created a 5-day seminar that will give you deep insight in how to run your scene and become a better teacher.​

You’ll learn how to:

  • Pedagogy – How to break down and explain dance moves and ideas
  • Didactics – How to create a strong teaching program with good exercises
  • Community – How to get more students to your classes and grow your community
  • Business – How to sustain a dance career and even afford employees

The concepts you’ll learn at this workshop have been tested all around Europe – and they work! In fact, we are so confident in what you are about to sign up for, that we removed all your risk by having a 100% money back guarantee. If you do not feel that you received the value you expected for your money, we’ll give you your money back!

For your inspiration, in this video Ali Taghavi is sharing a concept from a previous edition of Teaching Summit.

How to decide what to teach

As a teacher you have the power to create the dance scene you love.
Sign up for Teaching Summit and get ready to make an impact on the dance  world.


Click here to see the detailed program with class descriptions: TeachingSummit 2018 Program

We will organize activities in the evenings where we can hangout together. We will play music from all the different dance forms that are represented to have a good time altogether.  

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